【Prevent Webcam Spying:】 Smooth Sliding System - The sliding magnet disc allows for easy access to the web camera or lock your webcam. It will NOT scratch your devices. Hide your webcam prevent Webcam Spying. 【Extremely Slim Design:】 Its super thin (0.027 inch),Designed ONLY 0.7mm THIN. It will not interfere with closing your laptop.

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How To Check If Your PC Webcam Is Spying On You By Oliver Haslam | June 15th, 2014 With so many computers now coming with built-in cameras, especially notebooks, some people tend to worry that their cameras are being used by third-parties who want to spy on them. If you’re a regular John Doe is highly unlikely, but still possible. So, how likely is that someone wants to spy you? Are you rich, or good looking?… Are you

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Worryingly, it's time to take the tinfoil-hat-wearing, webcam-covering conspiracy theorists seriously and man the panic stations. it's not just ill-intentioned internet whizzes spying on you. Is Your Webcam Spying On You? - Bob Rankin