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MikroTik Site to Site IPSec when one router has a dynamic Jul 06, 2020 How to Find Your Wireless Router IP Address and WEP or WPA Nov 26, 2011 Why are my public IP address and router’s WAN IP address Many years ago, I was the network administrator for, and all of our public IP addresses were somewhere in that range. However, the public IP of our router was some other completely different IP, which I don’t remember anymore, excep IP address: IPv4 vs. IPv6 and How to Figure Them Out

Why are my public IP address and router’s WAN IP address

How do I block an IP address from my router? - NETGEAR > Have you tried adding the IP address to the Block Sites list under > ADVANCED > Security > Block Sites? As the "Block Sites Help" on that page (on my D7000, V1.0.1.50_1.0.1) says: If you want to limit access to certain sites on the Internet, you need to set up content filtering. This stuff relates to Web browsing from the LAN, not external access

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I had the same issue on a WRT1900ACS, and it took a lot of digging to find the answer. The WAN IP address is found, rather unhelpfully, on the troubleshooting page. From your main router administration page, click on Troubleshooting. When that page opens, click on the Diagnostics tab. The WAN IP address will be in the lower right. How to Find a Router's IP Address in Windows 10 - Make Oct 16, 2017