May 19, 2014

What you need to know about the BlackShades malware May 20, 2014 Blackshades: Four things you need to do right now May 23, 2014

BlackShades is a type of malicious software that acts as a Remote Access Tool, or RAT -- letting users remotely control a victim's computer. Once a hacker installs BlackShades onto a victim's

May 19, 2014 BlackShade Removal Tool. Remove BlackShade Now BlackShade Categorized as: ^ RAT. Remote Access Tool. A program that enables a hacker to remotely access and control other people’s computers. A RAT can serve a variety of malicious purposes, including hijacking and transferring private information, downloading files, running programs, and tampering with system settings. BlackShades Removal Tool. Remove BlackShades Now

Blackshades Boss Pleads Not Guilty

BlackShades Removal Report - EnigmaSoftware There's a Trojan infection that is being used in the Syrian government's suppression of its country's political dissidents. This Trojan, known as BlackShades, is a Remote Access Tool (RAT) that allows the attacker command the infected PC from a remote location. In recent attacks, the BlackShades Trojan has deployed against anti-regime activists in Syria in the ongoing conflict in this country Remove BlackShades (Removal Guide) Jun 25, 2012