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Aug 17, 2008 · restart the router and connect it to the main router. Plug the cable between the two routers into the WAN Port You should now be able to use the second router as a wireless access point, and/or Wireless LAN bridge is created by connecting two or more wireless routers, through 802.11N/G/B wireless link. Once connected, the routers act as wireless bridge adapter for the local devices connected to their LAN ports. In a local wireless bridge network all the connected devices are configured in same subnet. Place the wireless bridge within range of your wireless router’s signal, and also within a cable’s length of your wired devices. 2. Connect the bridge to your network If your router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS, setup is easy.

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May 10, 2012 · Some wireless access points also provide the functionality of a wireless bridge, by providing connectivity between two wireless networks. Modern access points can connect more than 200 wireless devices simultaneously. Some wireless access points are in fact wireless routers which directly provide Internet access, through connection with a modem. If I set up a pair of WRT54gl routers and install dd-wrt software so that the two routers operate in a bridge mode over a distance of 1000+ feet using some gain antennas into one of the antenna ports on each router and keep the stock antenna in the other port, will these two wireless routers still respond to a LOCAL wi-fi connection from another computer.