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Nov 17, 2017 Firefox Sync on your Android | Mozilla Services Sync will continue working silently in the background and give you instant access to all of your Firefox data. With Sync, you can get up and go and have your data with you, right in your pocket. If you need any help setting up Sync, head over to the Firefox Support site or ask a question on the forums. Firefox Accounts, Sync 1.5, and Self Hosting | Mozilla May 08, 2014 Multi-Account Containers Add-on Sync Feature - Mozilla Feb 06, 2020

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Firefox Sync - Mozilla | MDN Firefox Sync is built into the desktop versions of Firefox, as well as Firefox for Android and Firefox for iOS. Firefox Sync synchronizes state and configuration data used by the browser, such as bookmarks, history, preferences, bookmarks, and so forth among all your devices. The exact types of information synced is user-configurable in the How to use firefox sync? - Ask Ubuntu

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May 27, 2016 There is a way to protect your privacy. Join Firefox. Firefox Browser. Travel the internet with protection, on every device. Firefox Lockwise. Keep your passwords protected and portable. Firefox Monitor. Get a lookout for data breaches. Firefox Send. Share large files without prying eyes. Get it all on every device, without feeling trapped in … How to Sync Firefox Across All Your Devices Dec 31, 2018