Here's how to get a look at your YouTube history and, if you want, how to delete it, either manually or at three- or 18-month intervals. Just like with Web & App Activity , we recommend setting

Dec 08, 2018 · Open the app and select the three line menu icon. Select Settings and History. Select Clear watch history to remove everything from the list. As with the other apps, you can clear individual videos, clear your search history and individual searches from your TV. Nov 30, 2018 · If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, there’s a neat trick to clear your search history on YouTube. Closing the app will erase the search history from that device. Bring up App Switcher (swipe up halfway for iPhone X and newer, or double-tap the home button for older iPhones) and then swipe the YouTube screen up. In the top-right corner, click your account > YouTube settings . Under 'Account settings', select Overview. Under the channel's name, select Advanced. At the bottom, select Delete channel (you may Go to and ensure you're logged into your account. 2. Using the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, click on the History option to be taken to your YouTube History Mar 05, 2019 · How To Delete YouTube Search History 2020 - if you're looking to clear or delete your YouTube History, this video is for you. It shows you how you can delete ALL or just some of your YouTube Nov 15, 2018 · On the next page, select “Delete history by.” Credit: Google. Select the range for which you want to erase search history. Delete search history. Repeat the same steps for your YouTube watch

2020-6-30 · Let’s admit it, we have all made some embarrassing comments on YouTube videos, which we are not proud of as we grow up. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t provide an easy way to bulk delete all your comments, thankfully there is a workaround that doesn’t require you to do delete all your comments one by one manually.

How to Delete disabled Adsense Account: Hello friends, if you have multiple Adsense accounts and you want to delete disabled Adsense account permanently, then this post is for you. Google Adsense a most popular advertising company which is used to generate revenue from a blog or website.. Yes, you guess it right. I am telling you the most popular advertising company “Google Adsense“ in How to Delete Google Account Data Automatically or Manually These include your activity on YouTube, location data when using Google apps, voice, and audio-related data, etc. Sadly, there are no means to delete these data types automatically as of yet. How do I Bulk Delete all of my YouTube Comments and

May 22, 2018 · How to Delete a YouTube account – How to Delete Youtube Videos Sometimes, instead of removing the whole YouTube channel, you can actually learn how to delete videos on YouTube. YouTube also gives you the option to keep your videos private or make them visible only to the people who have the link.

Delete Mailbox Without Deleting User Account in Exchange … Delete Mailbox Without Deleting User Account in Exchange 2013. The trick is, just disable the mailbox to delete the mailbox to retain the user account. Open Exchange Admin Center (EAC). Click recipients in the features-pane and select mailboxes tab. Here, you can see the list of all the mailboxes configured in the Mailbox server. Jul 25, 2018 · A dialog box will appear, asking you for confirmation. Click “Clear Watch History” to confirm your choice. To delete your YouTube search history, click “Search History” under History Type here, and then click the “Clear All Search History” command. To clear your entire history in the YouTube mobile app, head to Library > History. Feb 17, 2016 · Hi all friends this video tutorial is about How To Delete YouTube History Without Signing In. so if you want to delete/clear your YouTube SEARCH OR WATCH history then watch this video.and if you Follow these steps to delete your YouTube channel: On a computer, make sure you're signed in to YouTube with the channel you want to delete. Go to your advanced account settings. You can get to advanced account settings at any time by following these steps: In the top right, click your account >