BBC iPlayer was one of four services available at the launch of YouView in July 2012. At launch the BBC iPlayer app contained options to resume watching recent programmes, access favourites, browse the most popular shows, find similar programmes or more episodes, included integrated search and was the only service to feature HD video.

BBC iPlayer sets new record for requests in May 2020 Jun 30, 2020 BBC iPlayer had a record-breaking Christmas for streaming The holiday period between 20 December and 2 January was the biggest on record for BBC iPlayer , with 203m requests to stream or download programmes, up by more than a third on the same period last year. New Year’s Day was BBC iPlayer’s best-ever day, with 17.9m requests, also up by well over a third on the previous year, as viewers sank their teeth into new series Dracula and stepped back Fashion Buying - Art bibliographies - Cite This For Me Jul 20, 2020 Favorite Channels - Logitech Harmony Support

Aug 28, 2018

Configure Favorites Harmony 600/650/700 remotes. You may add up to 23 Favorite Channels for your Harmony 600/650/700. 650 and 700 remotes may also add a unique icon for each. May 07, 2020 · The BBC iPlayer plays host to almost 100 feature films and is often forgotten about when considering which streaming service is going to supply the goods for your next movie session. With a range of films from black and white classics all the way to modern blockbusters by way of documentaries and musicals, the iPlayer is sure to have something

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Jul 21, 2020 · Play favourites definition: to display favouritism | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Aug 19, 2019 · Signing up for iPlayer gives you plenty of perks such as tailored recommendations, synced favourites lists and seamless playback across all your devices. You will be asked for your postcode when registering, although the BBC insists that's for delivering relevant local information, and not for tracking whether or not you've paid your licence fee. Incredibly, all twelve series of Doctor Who are on BBC iPlayer, so you can rewatch your favourites to your heart’s content. Merlin, BBC iPlayer Fantasy-drama revisits the saga of King Arthur and his wizard, Merlin, by focusing on the two characters when they were ambitious young men struggling to understand their destinies.