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If Spotflux is stuck in the "Securing Your Connection" state and the icon continuously blinks, it is likely that your Spotflux client is having trouble accessing our server, or the handshake is failing. Below are a few steps to try to resolve the problem. 1. Restart. Try restarting Spotflux to see if that allows you to connect. May 23, 2012 · Spotflux allows you to access a completely free and fast VPN in the US, bypassing the need to set up complex proxies. It provides completely anonymous browsing and secures your connection against Premium Plan: $37.99/year or $4.99/month - includes VPN tunnel supported without ads, connection up to 5 devices, software works with Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android devices; Free Plan. Spotflux is unique in that they offer a free plan, which is supported by ads. One must download the software to their computer and register to begin using this Oct 30, 2012 · Spotflux offers an easy way to encrypt your connection, hide your current location, and eliminate incoming malware. Surf the web securely, encrypt all you data transmissions, check for malware threats Apr 25, 2012 · Normally, the VPN would be your default route to the Internet for all ip traffic including BitTorrent. The far end of the VPN in the cloud would be the ip address that any watchers would see. I suspect that SpotFlux will give up you name to any warrant or civil proceeding served on them in a US court. That's what their privacy page says.

Spotflux Free VPN has all the crucial Premium version features: it hides your real IP and secures web browsing data; it also has unlimited bandwidth and does not cap your internet connection speed. (However, our tests show that Spotflux Free VPN is a bit slower than the Premium version.)

Spotflux doesn't have a Help file in the usual sense, but the program is so easy to use, and a Support tab on the Settings dialog generates Support Bundles. Securing your Internet connection helps protect your privacy and anonymity, and it blocks Web trackers and those all-too-personalized ads, too. It even protects against infected Web sites. Secure-Me is your access key to "The New Internet". safely and bypass hackers and filters by using Secure-Me.This Access key secures an anonymous connection through our servers, you can get full internet access in places that censor or block your connection and full protection at open Wifi hotspots. Spotflux is a free encrypted VPN client that routes your Internet traffic through a series of secure servers that mask your actual IP and make it Anonymous ( Hidden). Spotflux is a small and reliable application that will protect, secure and make your browsing private.

Spotflux is a free and easy-to-use encryption program that directs your internet traffic through a series of servers that mask your real IP address to make it safer and harder to trace. Spotflux offers a great solution for keeping your online anonymity and protecting your privacy and security by changing your IP address.

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